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Update from Kayster

Kayster started this conversation

I would just like to find out if anyone has any new and updated information on my request for dental help. My earlier post stated I needed desperate dental work. I am a cancer survivor and after treatment I developed fibromyalgia which leaves you in pain about 98% of the time. Taking pain med and chemotheaphy damaged my teeth from the inside as well as the outside. The result, they are breaking off and I have developed infections one after the other. I do fear for my heart as repeated infections can cause damage. I also suffer from bipolar disorder which doesn't help any of the other problems, just makes me worry more about what to do and fear that I may have a manic attack and do something stupid. On the other hand I do find myself slipping into a deep depression and fear another trip to the hospital, which is impossible as again no health insurance. I do not like being this way and in the past have worked so hard at trying to maintain a productive lifestyle. All I need is the path to lead me in the direction of finding help to get the issue taken care of.

Thank anyone who has input!

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